Unleashing Creativity and Engineering Excellence: Exploring Sphero Blueprint Build Kit

by The STEAM Team

31 January 2024

Welcome to the future of hands-on education with Sphero Blueprint Build Kit! Tailored for middle and high school classrooms, this innovative kit is changing the way students learn foundational engineering concepts. Dive into the world of mechanical and structural engineering with an approachable design, easy-to-handle parts, and a wealth of supporting content that makes learning both fun and accessible for aspiring engineers of all abilities.

Engaging Design for Collaborative Learning

Designed to accommodate 2–3 students per kit, the Blueprint Build Kit encourages collaborative learning experiences. For those seeking a classroom-wide option, the Blueprint Build Class Pack provides a comprehensive solution for the entire class.

The Blueprint Build Kit isn't just about building – it's about understanding. Included in the kit are 50+ hours of in-depth, standards-aligned lessons and unit plans. Dive deep into subjects like simple machines, compound machines, and calculating mechanical advantage, empowering students with a holistic understanding of engineering principles.

At the heart of engineering lies problem-solving, and Blueprint Build embraces this foundation. Students can quickly design, build, and test mechanical and structural engineering concepts in the classroom, fostering a hands-on approach to problem-solving that prepares them for real-world challenges. Students explore cross-curricular concepts in engineering and design while honing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. The kit provides a platform for holistic skill development beyond the traditional bounds of education.

Relevant Learning with Flexible Lesson Plans 

The Blueprint Build Kit comes with flexible and standards-aligned lessons and unit plans. Tailored to teach students about simple and compound machines and calculating mechanical advantage, these resources ensure that learning remains relevant and aligned with educational standards.

Prepare students for the digital age with the Blueprint Build Class Pack, which supports various CAD certification curriculum. Access free Blueprint Onshape documents, Solidworks, and STEP files for CAD software support. Dive into the world of Computer-Aided Design and empower students with skills that are highly relevant in today's technological landscape.

Sphero Blueprint Build Kit is more than a set of building blocks – it's a journey into the future of education. Equip your students with the tools they need to become the engineers, innovators, and problem solvers of tomorrow. Unleash creativity and engineering excellence in the classroom with Sphero Blueprint Build Kit!