Getting to Know the Easy-To-Use Electronic Building Blocks - LittleBits

by The STEAM Team

19 March 2024

LittleBits are easy-to-use electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets to make learning about circuitry and electronics exciting and engaging. Connect them together to create complex circuits in seconds.

So let's get started...

Learn how it works (no STEAM background required)

Educators love using littleBits toolboxes in the classroom to teach students fundamental STEAM concepts. Students use littleBits Classroom to complete guided and open challenges that help to change the world.

Practice the application of fundamental concepts such as circuitry, engineering, physics, art, and design thinking by completing engaging activities and gain creative confidence and critical 21st-century skills through scaffolded activities.

What's in the box? (Each individual set contains)

1 power

1 USB power

1 button

1 slide dimmer

1 light sensor

1 temperature sensor

1 pulse

1 fork

2 wires

1 inverter

1 number

1 long LED


2 DC motors

1 servo & hub

1 buzzer

1 fan

Plus, access to littleBits classroom!

Great! Now learn how to build your first circuit!

From solving problems with science, to inventing tomorrow with technology, using engineering to design for good, inspiring imagination with art, and cracking codes with maths, littleBits make STEAM relevant for every child, parent and teacher. Get started with littleBits in a way that suits you.

What to know more? speak to our STEAM Team now.