The 17th European Football for Development Network Conference

by The STEAM Team

12 May 2022

The EFDN conference is held every year and is the largest gathering of Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG experts in European professional football. This year’s conference was hosted in Liverpool and CreativeHUT were invited by Everton In The Community to showcase some of the resources & activities that will be made available to over 100 schools when the EITC E-STEAM learning centre is launched this year.

Throughout the conference clubs & leagues shared case studies on how football clubs are giving back to their respective communities through projects tackling issues such as education, poverty, disability, physical & mental health and unemployment.

It was a huge privilege to be able to support EITC and their education team by demonstrating how the E-STEAM program will allow pupils in the region to gain access to the most cutting edge hands on-resources and level the playing field when it comes to preparing for jobs of the future. Attending EDFN was a wonderful experience for CreativeHUT and a fantastic opportunity to talk about making positive change in education with representatives from some of the biggest clubs across Europe.

The best way to showcase the E-STEAM project at EFDN was to bring it to life by creating a pop up version of the learning space soon to become a permanent fixture at the EITC Community Hub, just a stone’s throw from Goodison Park.

Throughout the day delegates were able to observe local students engaging in hands on STEAM activities with some our brand partner resources and have a go themselves. This included a demonstrations from Lucy Owen from the IET on how LEGO® Education can be used to build problem solving, leadership and communication skills when competing in FIRST® LEGO® League , personalised 3D and laser-cut collectables were produced using a 3D printer and Lazerbox from Makeblock Education, and attendees were shown how Sphero sports combines football, coding and robotics to provide engaging experiences that inspire more students to learn how to code.

CreativeHUT thoroughly enjoyed the EFD conference and would like to extend a huge thanks to Everton In The Community for giving us the opportunity to spread the word about the impact of hands on education across the football family.

Check out our E-STEAM Video

In September 2021 CreativeHUT and staff from various Everton In The Community teams met to showcase the hands on STEAM resources that will be a part of the E-STEAM project. It was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the resources and training methods that will be included in the program once team members have been fully trained. We were also joined by local primary schools who enjoyed getting hands on to