Take the Complexity out of Robotics 

with the Root Coding Robot

by The STEAM Team

28 February 2024

Other coding robots offer limited experiences for limited age levels, but what about a coding robot

that meets you in the moment and beyond?

Bridging the gap between early to secondary education, Root coding robots offer a continuous

learning ecosystem that advances alongside students’ abilities. For schools, this means progressive

classroom learning, improved student engagement, and less money and time spent on single-

purpose hardware or software! Learn more below:

A Robot that Resonates with Every Student

Built by educators for educators, Root coding robots are designed to be out-and-about in the
classroom, not stored on a shelf! Appealing to students with a broad range of skillsets and interests,
Root coding robots require minimal setup, quickly pair with devices using a Bluetooth connection,
and are packed with programmable sensors and capabilities. Catering to visual, auditory, and
kinesthetic learners—students not only interact with their Root robots, but the robots interact with
their environment, and all of that interplay is orchestrated by code.

Two models of the Root coding robot exist to help educators bring more robots into their classrooms
for less. The more affordable of the two, the Root Lite (rt0) coding robot, can be programmed to
drive, turn, draw, play music, light up, sense touch, feel bumps, and more. Packed with even more
features, the more advanced Root Pro (rt1) coding robot comes with a color sensor, an integrated
rubber, a cliff sensor, and even sticks to and navigates magnetic whiteboard surfaces to provide
even more ways for students to take STEAM learning to the next level.

Key features:
Interactive sensors and features that engage a broad range of skill sets and interests.
Easy setup and classroom integration with a Bluetooth connection and USB-C charging.
Expandable design to empower continued learning opportunities.

A Simple Yet Powerful Progressive Coding Experience

Designed to provide a smooth introduction to programming, the Root coding robot’s multi-level App

interface appears simple but is deceivingly powerful. Providing a unique continuum, students can

experiment with loops, events, and complex robot behaviors in real-time. Advancing from purely

graphical blocks (no reading skills required!) to hybrid blocks and full-text blocks of drag-and-drop

code, students quickly master the structure and syntax of professional coding languages. Once

these levels are complete, the transition to any other modern programming language is easy and

students can graduate to programming their Root coding robots using entirely text-based code.

Key features:

A custom multi-level block-coding interface that carries code between levels.

Integrated 3D robot and simulator environment for increased accessibility.

Cross-platform compatibility (Android, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, macOS).

Plus, a zero-installation web Python IDE for advanced text-based programming.

Learning That Lasts Years, Not Days

Aiming to engage learners at any stage of their education journey, the Root coding robot’s Learning

Library provides an expansive collection of lessons that help teachers integrate coding and robotics

into the curriculum by exploring a wide range of topics and genres. Featuring more than 500

lessons, the Learning Library includes a curated assortment of activities, videos, sample coding

projects, DIY coding competition kits, and curriculum modeled after educational standards.

Key features:

Get started with ready-to-go tutorials, activities, and introductory guides.

Easily integrate Root coding robots into the classroom with curriculum modeled after UK


Take learning further with themed STEM engagement kits, 3D prints, and accessories that

demystify coding and connect classroom learning with the real world.

Recognising that one of the greatest challenges is finding tools that appeal to a range of ages, skill

levels, and interests, Root coding robots take the BS out of robots by delivering immersive, scalable,

cross-curricular learning experiences. The main lesson to remember? Just like working with a pen or

paper—students working Root coding robots are only limited by their own imagination!

Find out more or speak to our STEAM Team now.