St Malachy's College Open Their CH Esports Lab

by The STEAM Team

22 November 2022

The world of creative education is on the rise, with more teachers & schools wanting to maximise the opportunities our students have to develop their skills and has meant the ways they learn and the environment in which they do so all have major effects on the retention and engagement of the students.

At CreativeHUT providing all students the chance to develop skills outside the normal conventional classroom methods and to be prepared with these skills for jobs that don't currently exist yet is something we are extremely passionate about. Esports is a rising industry and an area we are super excited about making an impact for school, students and communities.

St Malachy’s college is a catholic grammar school in Belfast, Ireland passionate about giving all individuals the chance to reach their full potential and has echoed this through implementing a CreativeHUT STEAM Lab and Esports Lab at their college. The labs will be used by college students as part of the outreach for the North Belfast Area Learning Community which is made up of 11 post-primary schools and Belfast Metro College.

The aim is to use the spaces and new education areas like esports to implement the curriculum that will better meet the needs of the pupils. Implementation of the latest technology, furniture, and accessories within esports from our some of our amazing partners Zioxi & VeryPC, St Malachy's are now equipped with a 'WOW' factor environment perfect for learning, exploring the esports curriculum, and developing key skills of the future. The spaces are multi-purpose to also allow other subject areas to make use of the space so all teachers and students can take advantage of these classrooms of the future.

We can't wait to share updates on how the spaces are being used and how it is positively affecting St Malachy's students and their learning journeys and to share more of our labs and the areas around the UK who are investing into the future of their students and their communities.