Inspiring the Future: CreativeHUT Ireland's Educational Workshops with DCU's Access Programme

by The STEAM Team

13 November 2023

In a world driven by innovation and technology, it's crucial to ignite the spark of curiosity in young minds. At CreativeHUT Ireland, we believe in the power of education and hands-on experiences to shape the leaders of tomorrow. That's why we were thrilled to collaborate with Dublin City University's Access Programme, where we ran six exciting workshops for secondary schools in the local area kindly funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Ireland. Let's take a closer look at this educational journey that unfolded during October.

Exploring the World of Robotics

Our journey started on October 4th when we welcomed over 30 students from Belmayne ETSS to the DCU LEGO Education Innovation Studio for a full-day workshop. Over the following month, we also welcomed students from St. Mary’s Holy Faith Glasnevin, St. Kevin’s College, St. Finian’s Community College, Grange Community College and New Cross College.

The workshops catered to the unique interests and needs of each school, with a mix of girls and boys in attendance, totaling over 170 students. The heart of these workshops was the DCU LEGO Education Innovation Studio, where students had the opportunity to experience what it's like to attend a third-level college. The four-hour sessions were packed with excitement and learning, featuring coding, computational thinking, robotics, the engineering design process, science and mathematics.

The students received a glimpse of how the FIRST LEGO League Challenge programme operates and the role it plays in encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation. They then dived into the fascinating world of robotics and discovered how these intelligent machines aid us in our daily lives.

Perhaps the most thrilling part was when the students put their newfound knowledge into practice. They built autonomous LEGO driving bases using the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robotics kits and, with the help of motors and sensors, took on a series of engaging challenges. These challenges ranged from navigating complex mazes to using colour and light sensors for precise movements. It was a real hands-on experience that allowed them to see how robots can be programmed to respond to various stimuli.

These workshops aimed not only to inspire young minds but also to provide a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that STEM fields offer. By introducing students to robotics, coding, and teamwork, we hope to sow the seeds of future innovation and empower these young individuals to become the problem solvers and tech leaders of tomorrow.

CreativeHUT Ireland is deeply committed to nurturing the potential of the next generation. Our partnership with Dublin City University’s Institute of Education is just one step in our ongoing journey to inspire, educate, and innovate. We eagerly anticipate more opportunities to shape the future of young minds and provide them with the essential tools to succeed in our ever-evolving digital world. Together, we are creating a brighter future, one workshop at a time.