Google Work Experience Day With CreativeHUT

by The STEAM Team

31 October 2022

Creative Hut was recently invited to Google's head office in Dublin, Ireland. Over forty young people had spent the week engaging in a work experience program across the Google campus. They engaged in one of our fantastic Creative Hut LEGO Education Spike Prime Robotics Workshops as part of their end-of-week celebration.

Throughout the week, the transition year students aged 15 to 16yrs discovered some of the critical skills required to become a 'googler'. Engaging in a range of workshops and activities to immerse them in an employee's life in one of the world's largest tech companies.

We facilitated our robotics workshop on the final day, using the latest LEGO Education Spike Prime sets. We not only introduced the students to Robotics and its importance in our future lives but also enabled them to develop key skills that could be leveraged for a future career in Google!

We discussed the Engineering Design Process and how as teams, they could use it to solve the challenges they would face during the workshop. Prototyping solutions, testing and evaluating, design iteration and continual testing. We also discussed Computational Thinking and how they would decompose a big problem into smaller parts and solve them individually through coding and engineering. With pattern recognition, they would look for patterns within their code and the challenge, trying to make refinements and enhancements.

This is a sample of the key skills developed when young people engage in our workshops. We not only leverage technology to develop key habits of learning that young people can use in their everyday lives but also use that technology to give young people an insight into the world of tomorrow and how they can leverage technology to make the world a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful place to live.