Empowering Young Minds: CreativeHUT Ireland's School Workshops

by The STEAM Team

08 November 2023

In mid-October, CreativeHUT Ireland embarked on an educational adventure to inspire the future generation of innovators and problem solvers. Our journey began at Réalt na Mara Girls National School in County Meath on the 16th, followed by a two-day visit to St. Raphaela’s National School on the 25th and 26th. These workshops were part of the engaging Code Week and Maths Week activities that unfolded across Ireland in October.

Engaging, Eager Young Minds

At Réalt na Mara GNS, we had the pleasure of conducting four workshops throughout the day, each with a classroom full of 25 eager young minds. The enthusiasm and curiosity in the room were palpable. The following week, at St. Raphaelas N.S., we were greeted by six classes over two days, with an average of 28 students per class. It was heart warming to see so many students keen to dive into the world of robotics and coding.

Our mission was to showcase how robots and coding play a crucial role in our daily lives. From exploring perilous locations to assisting with everyday chores and even manufacturing products, the possibilities are boundless. We demonstrated the magic of robotics, illustrating how they can be programmed to move in specific directions, produce sounds, and light up in various colours.

However, the true magic of the day was watching the students become engineers and programmers themselves. Armed with LEGO, they built their own robots and programmed them to undertake a series of challenges. As they saw their creations come to life, their eyes lit up with excitement and achievement.

It was a hands-on learning experience that left a lasting impact on these young minds. We hope to have sparked a passion for STEM fields and ignited their imagination to solve real-world problems using technology.

CreativeHUT Ireland is committed to nurturing the potential of the next generation, and these workshops were just the beginning of our journey to inspire, educate, and innovate. We look forward to many more opportunities to shape the future of young minds and provide them with the tools to succeed in an ever-evolving digital world.