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Empower and support students in STEAM learning

The unprecedented impact of the pandemic poses significant challenges to learning environments, making it difficult for students to connect with their subjects and for educators to provide a hands-on experience, particularly when teaching remotely.

Key Stage 3

Hands-on, step-by-step solutions that support students in their first steps in programming, electronics and science. Linked directly into the curriculum, no prior knowledge or experience is required.
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Key Stage 4

Whether you are a beginner or seek to deepen your knowledge, our high school solutions provide extensive learning experience, with exercises grounded in real world challenges and important 21 century skills.
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Take a step towards working with technology professionally, extend your knowledge and learn important skills within engineering, mechatronics, data processing, physical computing and the Internet of Things.
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Ages 11 +

Starter Kit

Get started with the basics of electronics, programming, and coding. The kit will guide you through 11 exciting lessons, introducing concepts like current, voltage, resistance, and important 21 century skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking.
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Ages 14 +

CTC GO! Core Module

CTC GO! is a comprehensive, hands-on learning program that guides students through the fundamental concepts of electronics and coding, and challenges them to assemble, wire and program a set of fun tabletop games.
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Ages 16 +

Explore IoT Kit

Teach students how to build internet-connected objects, such as a home security alarm, a classroom counter, and an urban farming device, with ten step-by-step tutorials and projects - fun, creative experiments with real-life components.
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