"Working with the CreativeHUT team was great fun. We are so grateful for the outstanding work they did and the significant impact they had on Bryanston. They are an exceptional and inspiring group of experts!"

Rebecca Williams

Customer Engagement Director | Bryanston

Edutaining Students 

at the Bryanston education summit

"Working with the CreativeHUT team was great fun. We are so grateful for the outstanding work they did and the significant impact they had on Bryanston. They are an exceptional and inspiring group of experts!"

Rebecca Williams

Customer Engagement Director | Bryanston

Event Round Up...

  • 300 Education Professionals
  • 'Learn to Love Your Mind'
  • Over 200 Students 
  • Coding, VR & Robotics
  • Creative LEGO Challenges

Inspiring Students Through Creative Education!

Bryanston School is situated on a beautiful site in Blandford Forum in Dorset. It is an independent school who strive for a culture that fosters an open-minded, challenging and inspiring environment for personal growth and provides the space for pupils to find their passions.

Education professionals from all sectors attended to explore current thinking whilst challenging orthodoxies and common misconceptions. Students also were able to participate in immersive and interactive sessions surrounding the innovative methods of motivating students and cultivating their curiosity in STEAM subjects. All centred around the theme ‘Learn to Love Your Mind’.

What was on offer?







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Why Edutainment?

The research is clear: Playful pedagogy supports social-emotional and academic strengths while instilling a love of learning.

Children explore more than adults and exploring has benefits to their learning.
Therefore, giving children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to explore and play, will not only give them enjoyment but also benefit their learning

A successful & engaging day to remember!

The day consisted of 7 different zones, ranging from coding, building and programming to Esports, VR & Imaginative construction of a LEGO build that represented the theme 'Learn to Love Your Mind', and everyone contributing to the completion of a beautiful LEGO Mosaic.

With some amazing brands like LEGO Education, Sphero & RedboxVR, the students immersed themselves fully in the activities and showcased incredible levels of creativity through the ways in which they engaged in problem solving, robotic challenges, building through imagination and competing individually and collaboratively to win some amazing prizes. With one student describing her win as 'the best day of her life'.

We saw record breaking racing times, a new take on what imagination truly is and hundreds of students having fun and gaining critical transferrable skills through hands-on, creative and playful education. 

Bringing an EDUTAINMENT Day to LIFE!

Meet & Consultation - We met with the Bryanston Team to understand their goals for the Education Summit and how our STEAM education activities could help deliver these. The Bryanston Team were very keen to have several different activities available for the educators and students to take part in.

Concepts - Once the vision was clear, we developed a number of activities which the team could select from utilising various resources from coding and programming to construction and esports.

Proposal - Following feedback on the concepts, the most suitable activities were selected and developed into a plan for the day to allow all students and delegates to participate in as many tasks as possible.

Delivery - CreativeHUT worked in partnership with the Bryanston Team to ensure all of the logistics required for planning and delivery of the event were taken care of. We were delighted to be involved in the Education Summit and had a ball delivering the STEAM based activities to the students and delegates. Seeing what the students came up with and how quickly they took to each task was an absolute joy. They showcased pre-existing skills and discovered and developed new skills which they can use across other subjects and into their future careers.

Gareth Boldsworth delivers a special Keynote at Bryanston

As a leading UK STEAM education resources and service distributor, CreativeHUT is dedicated to igniting creativity in children through the use of hands-on creative resources and other innovative technological products.

Director & Founder, Gareth Boldsworth, was asked to deliver a talk to the delegates and students of Bryanston based around 'Celebrating Creativity' and the reason why it's so important for education now and for the future.

Gareth spoke about why it is important to give everyone the opportunity to get hands-on, and creative, through fun and engaging learning experiences. Educational technology is on the rise and will change the future of education, enabling creativity to flourish within schools and beyond the classroom.

It was a truly inspiring speech that was very well received by the people in attendance and really added to the overall success of the event itself.

"The CreativeHut team brought a touch of magic to the already inspiring Bryanston Education Summit. They perfectly align with our vision of fostering creative thinking and helping pupils to learn to love their mind. Gareth and his exceptional team serve as a true inspiration. Collaborating with them was a dream, as they represent the epitome of excellence in creative education in STEAM."

Rebecca Williams

Customer Engagement Director | Bryanston

“It has been an absolute privilege to be part of this project together with Bryanston, whose passion and effort to make this superb event positively impactful for all involved has been incredible. We’ve enjoyed the process from start to finish so much, and it was brilliant to see everything in action and work with so many wonderful students and educators. We can't wait to work with Bryanston again in the future and can't wait for our next edutainment day". 

Neil Taylor

Director of Creative Consultants

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